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Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional v5.04 build 547 Free

Elcomsoft Advanced Office Password Recovery Professional v5.04 build 547 | 22.9 MB
Advanced Office Password Recovery - lets you recover passwords or to bypass the password security of files and documents created in Microsoft Office family of products for all versions. Currently supported versions from 2.0 to 2010 inclusive. The system supports documents created by Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, and OneNote. Besides the above, the system allows access to the source code VBA macros, password protected.
Forgetting a password to your personal email folder or perhaps a family budget can be annoying. Halting the work because of the lost password causes immediate monetary loss. Get control over your own documents even if they are protected with a password! Advanced Office Password Recovery recovers, replaces, eliminates or circumvents immediately passwords safeguarding or locking documents created with Microsoft Office applications.
Advanced Office Password Recovery unlocks documents created with all versions of Microsoft Office from the ancient 2.0 to the contemporary 2010. Recover passwords for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, Project, Money, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher and OneNote. Reset MS Internet Explorer Content Advisor passwords and open any password-protected VBA project by exploiting a backdoor.
Features and Benefits
- Supports all versions of Microsoft Office applications from 2.0 to 2010
- Instant password recovery for multiple products
- Instantly unlocks documents with previously recovered passwords
- Exploits all known backdoors and tricks in the Office family for instant recovery
- Completely automatic preliminary attack will recover documents in less than 10 minutes
- Dictionary and brute-force attacks with user-defined masks and advanced templates
- Hardware acceleration (patent pending) reduces password recovery time by a factor of 50
- Patent-pending GPU acceleration technology with NVIDIA or ATI video cards
- Allows as much as 32 CPUs or CPU cores and as much as 8 GPUs
- Very optimized low-level code for optimum performance
Features Advanced Office Password Recovery
- Supports all Microsoft Office versions from 2.0 to 2010
- Instant recovery of passwords of individual
- Change the password for the user-specified
- Instant treatment of security from documents that have ever been chosen passwords
- Use of all vulnerabilities discovered the Microsoft Office products to restore access to documents
- Pre-attack with a set of typical parameters for the renovation of strong passwords
- Support for dictionary attacks and brute force password using the template masks
- Hardware acceleration (patent pending) reduces the brute force of 50 times
- Technology hardware acceleration using the NVIDIA or ATI video cards
- Supports as much as 32 simultaneous CPUs or cores and as much as 8 GPUs
- Code optimization for contemporary processors maximizes in-class products speed the brute force
Instant recovery of access to secure documents
Quite often, Advanced Office Password Recovery can restore access to secure documents in the same second. For example, older versions of Microsoft Office using a extremely simple|simple|easy} encryption program, which allows us to calculate the password. Also, in some versions of Office use the algorithms with limited key size
In addition to these applications, with Advanced Office Password Recovery can restore instant access to documents protected by different versions of product family Microsoft Office. In particular, it supports the capability to recover stored passwords utilized for authentication via Microsoft Passport (LiveID).
Microsoft has greatly enhanced password safety in Office 2007 and further improved it in Office 2010. 1 can securely state that the password recovery system that utilizes only the CPU can no longer deal with|deal with} its tasks in files created with latest versions of programs from a set of Microsoft Office. At the sorting of passwords in these files take too long.
To speed up the process of brute force Elcomsoft has added support for multiple video cards AOPR and the simultaneous use of all imeschihsya in the central and images processors. You can leave all or some of the core CPU and GPU to brute force solution that will ensure maximum productivity sorting in the background. Hardware acceleration technology ElcomSoft support an arbitrarily large amount of images cards from ATI or NVIDIA, these as|like|including} the NVIDIA GeForce 8, 9, 100, 220 and 400 - or ATI RADEON 4800 series and 5000.
If the document is protected by strong passwords, decrypt it will take a long time. For your convenience, the system offers pre-attack, which automatically goes through all the typical passwords, and utilizes a dictionary attack. It also involves searching passwords that were ever recovered for different documents.
Listing of the mask
If there is more information about the password (known password size in characters, or any part of the password, or have any information about the utilization or lack of certain characters in the password characters), the rate of recovery can be greatly increased by sorting on a given mask.
Dictionary Attack
According to statistics, a significant part of the password utilized to shield Office documents, contains 1 or even more words from the dictionary. The way of|way of } password guessing and dictionary lets you dozens of times to lessen the time required to recover your password. Advanced Office Password Recovery supports dictionary attack, picking passwords consisting of words and their combinations in different registers and in many languages. Supports the capability to connect more dictionaries.
A brute force look
In the case of a complete deficiency of information about the password by trying all potential variants of a certain size of a password to restore access to the document. At Advanced Office Password Recovery utilizes the latest techniques of low-level code optimization for contemporary processors, allowing to achieve high performance iterate over competing products.
Released: 2011
Version: v5.04 build 547
Platform: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7
Language: Multilingual (english, deutsch, Russian)
Medician: key iOTA

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