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Kaspersky Password Manager v. (x32/x64/ENG)

Kaspersky Password Manager v. (x32/x64/ENG) - Silent Installation | 11MB
KasperskyPassword Manager - is an indispensable tool for active internet users:the program completely automates password entering and other content onWeb pages, saving you from having to create and remember passwords.Using Kaspersky Password Manager for authentication, you can beconfident in the safety of your data: The program creates anexceptionally strong passwords and prevents theft of your identity byputting the information into a special database on your computer inencrypted form. Kaspersky Password Manager makes your online experienceeasier and safer, but also saves you time. 
The main thing about the product:
Instant authorization for web sites and applications
Safe storage of passwords on computer
Creating a stable to cracking passwords
The rapid filling of Web forms
Version for Removable Media
Instant Authorization
KasperskyPassword Manager remembers the settings you use to access Web resources(username and password). The next time you visit a site, the programautomatically fills in credentials - you do not have to type usernameand password each time manually. Kaspersky Password Manager also workswith applications that require authentication (Outlook, etc.)
Reliable protection of your passwords
KasperskyPassword Manager stores passwords and other personal information usedto fill in web forms (address, phone number, credit card, etc.) isencrypted on your computer. Access to stored information is possibleonly with a master password or other authentication method specified bythe user (or a USB-connected Bluetooth-enabled devices), which ensuresyour privacy and prevents theft by hackers.
The choice of how to access the password database
KasperskyPassword Manager controls access to the password database is not only amaster password, but also with various USB-and Bluetooth-enableddevices. As such a device can be selected by mobile phone: withBluetooth-establishing the connection between mobile phone and computerpassword database will be unlocked and all the required fields onwebsites - login, password, address, etc. - Will be insertedautomatically. As soon as the Bluetooth-connection will be terminated,access to the password database is automatically blocked.
The generation of unique, strong passwords
Confidentialityand security of your data depends on the strength of your password.Very often, for various accounts using the same or very similar to eachother and passwords by cracking a single password, the attacker caneasily gain access to all user accounts. With built-in passwordgenerator Kaspersky Password Manager can help you create unique andresistant to cracking passwords for each account.
Import passwords from other programs
Passwordsare automatically saved in Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox, arestored in clear and easily accessible to intruders. Kaspersky PasswordManager allows you to transfer passwords from unprotected areas in anencrypted password database, which will ensure the safety of yourpersonal data.
Access to passwords with portable version
Theportable version allows the use of Kaspersky Password Manager on anycomputer, using a portable device - for example, USB-drive. When youdisconnect a removable storage Kaspersky Password Manager automaticallycloses on another computer and will remain your data.
Automatically fill in long web forms
Toregister for the site, except your username and password are often usedother personal data such as name, date of birth, email address, phonenumber, country of residence, etc. Kaspersky Password Manager allows youto save your time and fill long registration forms automatically basedon predefined user-created cards with personal data. To keep separatebusiness and personal information separately, you can use severalidentity cards.
Keeping multiple accounts for a single Web resource
Insome cases it is necessary to maintain multiple passwords for a singleWeb page, for example, if you have multiple mailboxes in one mailservice: for personal and work correspondence. Kaspersky PasswordManager allows you to save multiple logins for one account and whenaccessing the resource asked what name the user must be authorized.
Automatic Backup
KasperskyPassword Manager automatically creates a backup of your system passworddatabase each time it changes. You can easily restore your passwords ifthe current database has been accidentally damaged or if you want toundo the last change. Thus, the program provides an additional level ofprotection for your personal data.
An effective response keylogger
Keylogger- this is a malicious program that tracks the sequence of keystrokes toobtain personal data, such as passwords. Kaspersky Password Managerfills forms on Web resources and applications automatically, withoutusing the keyboard, which effectively protects your data fromkeyloggers.
Protection from Phishing
Phishing - a type offraud on the Internet: an attacker sends you an email with a request tovisit the website to confirm your account information - such as onlinebanking. The fake site looks like a real and an unsuspecting uservoluntarily enters username and password. Kaspersky Password Managerauthenticates the Web site before entering your login and password,which effectively prevents phishing attacks.
Fixed bugs:
* Support for Mozilla Firefox browser 7
* Support for Google Chrome browser 14
Known issues:
* MSN Messenger 2011 is not supported
* Conflict of compatibility with Macromedia Freehand MX
* Microsoft Outlook 2007, 2010 is not supported
* The Opera browser is not supported
* Download Accelerator Plus is not supported
* Quick Launch button does not work with windows authentication Windows Explorer
* Conflict Bluetooth-authentication c Bluesoleil software
* Window-Remote Desktop Connection dialog box is not supported
* Standard HTTP authentication is not supported in Google Chrome
* Conflict of compatibility with the Logitec Harmony Remote software 7.6.0
* Proxy authentication in web browsers is defined as an account
* Braking with simultaneous operation Kaspersky Anti-Virus and CobraCRM
* A safe environment Kaspersky Internet Security / Kaspersky CRYSTAL is not supported
* StarMoney not supported
* Windata not supported
* Trusteer Rapport is not supported
* Errors in the localization of some languages
* WordPerfect 12 is not supported
* Do not import bookmarks from Mozilla Firefox 6
* ICQ versions 7.4 and 7.5 correctly finish their work
* Error of following links from the program if the Mozilla Firefox browser 7 is selected as the default
OS: Windows
Language: ENG
Size: 11.24 MB
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