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Need for Speed 2 Special Edition Full Version

---Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Minimum System Requirement---
---Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Pentium 200MHz---
---Need For Speed 2 Special Edition 32MB RAM---
---Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Graphic card---
Need For Speed 2 Special Edition is a Racing Game. The Game Developer is EA Canada. The Game Publish By Electronic Arts. The Game Platform is Microsoft Windows And PlayStation. Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Release For Microsoft Windows in North America On April 30, 1997. Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Release For Microsoft Windows in Europe On 1997. Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Release For PlayStation in North America On March 31, 1997. Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Release For PlayStation in Europe On May, 1997. Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Release For PlayStation in Japan On July 3, 1997. There are two modes in this game and they are Single Player And multiplayer mode. In This Game Many Cars And Tracks. In Need For Speed 2 Special Edition You defeat your opponent In Race For Win. In Multiplayer mode you can play Need For Speed 2 Special Edition with your friends. Need For Speed 2 Special Edition is a Super Hit Racing Game. This Game Graphics is Very Clear. This Game System Requirements is Very Best For All Computer. This Game Best For your Computers.

There are three main game types. The first two are single race and tournament and the last is a knockout race. Single races allow players to become familiar with the circuits and increase their skill of any one of the six tracks. The six tracks are called Mediterranean, Mystic Peaks, Proving Grounds, Outback, North Country, and Pacific Spirit. Cars that are playable from the start include the McLaren F1, Ferrari F50, Ford GT90, Jaguar XJ220, Lotus GT1 and Lotus Espirit V8, Italdesign Cala, and the Isdera Commendatore 112i. A bonus car, the Ford Indigo concept, can be unlocked as well. The game features extensive multi-player options including two to eight players over a LAN, by modem or serial connection and with split-screen racing.
In a single race the player selects the opposing car, while all cars compete in a tournament and at the start of a knockout race. There is also two playing styles—arcade or simulation. Arcade mode improves handling while simulation mode is intended to provide more realism. The number of laps can be chosen from two, four or six. Automatic or manual transmission as well car paint color are selectable in all game types.
A tournament race involves playing all tracks in order with the starting track able to be selected. Only after successfully completing a tournament in first place can knockout races can be played. Knockout races involve racing two laps over each of the six tracks with a number of opponents. These disqualification races always start on the easiest circuit and continue through each map, with the player who finishes last being eliminated after each race. After advancing through all the tracks another circuit is revealed. Monolithic Studios can then only be played by completing all knockout races first.
Need For Speed 2 Special Edition Many Cheat Codes. You Want Need For Speed 2 Special Edition
  • Turbo boost During a race, hold H.
  • Night mode While the race is loading, hold N. Note: This code is not available in the 3Dfx version.
  • Drive through barriers Start a game in simulation mode on the Mediterraneo or the Mystic Peaks track with the McLaren F1. Then, drive in reverse during the race while constantly blaring the horn. Hit any moveable object, except a sign, at 60 mph to enable the cheat. Then, hit any guard rail, bridge, or other barrier over 80 mph to jump off the track.
  • Additional camera views While the screen is blank before the track appears, press C + B + [Right Shift] six times. Press C + B + [Right Shift] six times again when the view zooms towards the starting line. Now a total of nine different camera views may be selected.
  • Heavier car After setting a track record, enter "silspd" as a name.
  • Cheat Codes Enter one of the following codes at any screen:
    Cheat Code Result
    tombstoneDaytona car
    bomberBomber BFS car
    fzr2000FZR 2000 car
    red racerFord Indigo
    slipSlow motion
    pioneerPioneer engine
    roadrageBeep horn to crash opponent
    hollywoodMonolithic studio track
    madlandDifferent colors
    kcjonesMulticolor car and horizon [Note 1]
    chaseChase mode
    madSmoking cow tires [Note 1]
    slotSlot car mode [Note 2]
    rainRain mode [Note 3]
    rexrageDinosaur traffic
    vipLimousine traffic
    schoolzoneSchool bus traffic
    rushhourIncreased traffic
    go[18 - 51]Various objects
    go18School bus [Note 4]
    go23Blue Sedan
    go27Green VW
    go28Grey convertible
    go31Mercedes Unimog army truck
    go33Yellow snow truck
    go41Hand cart
    go42Wooden stand
    go43Tyrannosaurus Rex
    go44Wild West wagon
    go45Souvenir stand
    go46Souvenir stand
    go47News stand
    go49Crate 1
    go50Beer box
    Note 1: 3Dfx version only
    Note 2: A "Slot" option will be available under the player car menu in arcade or wild mode. Cars will automatically make turns in this mode.
    Note 3: Rain will appear on Proving Grounds and Mystic Peaks tracks. Not available in the 3Dfx version.
    Note 4: go18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 29, 30, 32, 37, 38, and 39 also enable the school bus.
  • Video of Game Play
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