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Chicken Invaders Review

Here’s a scenario you couldn’t picture – an alien specie invading earth with an advanced robotic-like spaceships gunning for the destruction of mankind, led by…Chickens! Chicken Invaders is a story of an epic battle between humanity and the extremely revengeful space chickens, who came to aid their brethren, the poor earth chickens. This time though, the chickens aren’t as helpless as the regular one’s, they are back and with a pep in their step!
Playing Chicken Invaders will remind you a lot like similar titles such as 1944 or Galaga, which are classic retro shooters that everyone loves to play from time to time. The game’s storyline is cute and enticing, but the real beauty of it it the fun and challenging gameplay. The Chicken Invaders series includes up to six games and expansions, which are available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. If you have yet to witness the glory of the space chickens, it’s about time you would, you are missing out some serious action and countless hours of joy and addiction!
You are in charged of earth’s defense line, the only thing that stands in the way of the blood hungry chickens. The final frontier is now, and you might be surprise to realize that the earth’s only hope resides in just one lonely, small Spacecraft, your spacecraft of course, duh! Regarding the size, it does matter, but rest assured our spacecraft’s weapons aren’t small at all. There are some serious damaging yielding weapons you can use, and some great strategy plans you can come up with. The overall goal is to beat the intruders back to space where they belong, the only question is – can you do it?
Weapons are a big part of this game. Each and every one of your weapons can be upgraded up to eight consecutive times, and results in stronger, or perhaps faster/more accurate weapon. Just like in Tower Defense Games the Chicken Invaders come at you in waves, which have increased difficulty. You can safely say that the latter waves will feature some extremely high endurance chickens… Sounds weird, i know, but you better believe it! Keep in mind that to win a certain level you don’t actually need to destroy the chicken, but rather to dodge the eggs and debris that falls down towards your lonely ship. Killing them Chickens will result in bonuses and other cool stuff, but better do that when possible too!
Finally, there is also the co-op mode, in which you take on the brutal invaders with your buddy. You can play the co-op mode in any gaming platform, and should try at least once because double the players means double the fun! I mean, fun is only real when shared, as wise men say. To summery, Chicken Invaders is a cool groovy game, featuring nice graphics, awesome soundtrack, brilliant game play and fun all year round!



Chicken Invaders
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Erki
Press [F9] and [F10]together to enable cheats:
Now these keys will be enabled:

Key        Result
F6       - Skip level
F7       - More missiles
F8       - More lives
To disable cheats press F9 and F10 together again.

More score:
Submitted by: ahmed780
If you want the highest score ever go to any system keep pressing [F7]
and [F8] and u will skip waves however firepower will fall take them
all and ur score will keep rising till u finish the next system.
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