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Need for Speed: Undercover is the 12th installment of the popular racing video game series Need for Speed, developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts (EA). It was released on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS,[6] and mobile phone platforms in November 2008.[7][8][9] The game was later released on the iOS on April 27, 2009. According to EA, the game has sold over 5.2 million copies on all 8 platforms combined.[10] Need for Speed: Undercover is also the very last Need for Speed game to be released for a sixth-generation gaming console (in this case, the PlayStation 2). Undercover is the last of the second era of Need for Speed games, although it is the first game in the series to use the current logo's typeface.


Need for Speed Undercover
Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: JiBu JaLaL
Submitted by: a.k.a (mi se) "The Morkof"
Submitted by: UnHolY
Submitted by: JiBu JaLaL
E-mail : jibujalal@in.com (OR) jibusoft@gmail.com
Blog : http://jibusoft.blogspot.com
When the cops are after you and some how you get caught, before the message on the
screen says "Busted" quickly press [Alt] + [F4]. This will exit the game immediately.
Not giving it enough time to save, all your game saves will still be present and it
would be as if nothing ever happened.
Submitted by: JiBu JaLaL
E-mail : jibujalal@in.com (OR) jibusoft@gmail.com
To lower the Heat from your car, get in to a car Shop. Then, change the Visuals of
your car(U must change atleast the color of UR car) Your Heat will be lowered. Do
this multiple times to reach condition heatlevel-1 again.
Submitted by: JiBu JaLaL
E-mail : jibujalal@in.com (OR) jibusoft@gmail.com
If you get busted in a pursuit, turn off the game before saving it (Autosave - OFF).
When the game is played again the strike will be gone.
NOTE: This will not work if you can only get one more strike.
Submitted by: JiBu JaLaL
E-mail : jibujalal@in.com (OR) jibusoft@gmail.com
While being chased by the cops, go to the lower right-hand corner of the map, by the
stadium. Then, cross the bridge nearby. The cops will not cross that bridge.

Submitted by: JiBu JaLaL
E-mail : jibujalal@in.com (OR) jibusoft@gmail.com
Info: CHEAT CODES Updated by JiBu on 17th Dec,2008
Enter the options menu, choose the "Secret Codes" selection, then enter one of the
following codes to activate the cheat function.
NOTE: Either of the codes will only work once per profile. Cars that are unlocked are
only available in "Quick Race mode".

CODES                       - RESULT
S1D3K1CK                    - $15,000
$EDSOC or %%$3/"            - $10,000
-KJ3=E or .+)3>$            - NFS.com Lotus Elise Bonus Car
"9:G3IF or "9;&4)%          - Die-Cast Audi R8 Bonus Car
)B7@B= or *!7A!=            - Die-Cast BMW M3 E92 Bonus Car
!K?MMF0 or "*@--%0          - Die-Cast Chevrolet Camaro Concept Bonus Car
!C6;C>E or ""6<"?$          - Die-Cast Dodge Viper SRT10 Bonus Car
0;5M2; or 0;6,2;            - Die-Cast Lexus IS F Bonus Car
!7I3JMI or !8(4*-(          - Die-Cast Lexus IS F(alternate color)Bonus Car
?P:COL or @/;#/+            - Die-Cast Nissan 240SX (S13) Bonus Car
NeedForSpeedShelbyTerlingua - Shelby Terlingua Bonus Car
i3kxodepfc                  - Die-Cast Ford Mustang GT Car
citwoxq53f                  - Die-Cast chevrolet Camaro Concept Bonus Car
qlcukc4bqm                  - Die-Cast Dodge Charger(1969)Bonus Car
2<?P;G                      - Die-Cast Mitsubishi Lancer Bonus Car
d5dviyrlgn                  - Die-Cast Pontiac GTO (1965) Bonus Car
>8P:I;                      - Die-Cast Posche 911 Turbo Bonus Car
!2ODBJ: or !3/$"):          - Die-Cast Volkwagen R32 Bonus car
yp}jwa or "90=*6@           - Die-Cast Nissan GT-R (R35) Police Bonus car
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